Friday, 29 April 2011

Wedding of mass distraction

Bloody weddings.  I hate them.  I can't stand them even when I know the people involved.
I'm a cynical git.  I can't help but sit there thinking 'yerrrr, you said that to your last *insert number here* exes'.

They also cost me a fortune as a guest.  I have to buy gifts for people who just want newer, shinier versions of things they already have.  Wasn't the original point of wedding gifts to help a couple set up home?  Just sayin'...

But anyway, I digress.

While 'the world' has been ooohing and aaaahing over a moderately posh bird living the 'fairy tale dream' (i.e. saying goodbye to any personal freedom she once had), shit has been kicking off.

Now I admit that I did hope that there wouldn't be any trouble at the wedding (although this plan for a runaway bride scenario did amuse me), as 1) it's not really that classy to disrupt the day of a couple who have done nothing wrong, and, let's face it, have bog all power, and 2) it's not going to encourage the starry-eyed general populace to back any cause, is it?

But.  This is atrocious.  This terrifies me to my very core.  Pre-crime?  WTF?  I am screwed.  My flippancy in my day-to-day  life means that I will probably find myself regularly taken into custody for pre-assault, pre-murder, pre-GBH...

As a good little law-abider, I have spent most of my life generally unfrightened of the boys in blue.  This all changed, however, with the introduction of the draconian smoking laws, and I spend a lot of time smoking outside, paranoid that I'm still in 'the wrong bit of outside'.  If our thoughts and opinions are now under threat, well then this ain't a world I want to live in.  Pass the full-strength Marlboro (which I paid full tax on, thus funding those there 'public servants' who seek to erode our civil liberties, bit by bit), and I'll smoke myself into the grave.  In a legal location.  Disposing of the cigarette ends in a responsible manner, officer  (Oh, but not before I've done this).

Still, that dress were pretty, weren't it?


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