Saturday, 30 April 2011

I can sing a rainbow, too... (I have to, I've a diversity quota to meet)

This blogging malarky seems to be good for me.  I used to carry around my rage, only letting it out in small vents on facebook.  Now I am the crazy person on the train, scribbling furiously in a notebook (luddite, me) as I attempt to capture every drop of bile.  As such I have pages and pages of annoyances, all waiting to be padded out and unleashed on the internet.  And so the stomach ulcer might well be postponed for a few years.

One of the first such irritations scrawled in the book of fury has been pushed to the top of the list after learning of this example of complete and utter bloody ridiculousness.  I am not going to attempt to critique this complete bonkersness, as it's been done already (and in a far more eloquent manner than I could manage).

But rant?  Oh, rant I shall...  I am once again horrified about the things people will fixate on.  Political correctness and diversity quotas are, and always have been, my biggest bugbears.  I was sent on diversity training at work a while ago, and find the whole thing utterly laughable.

I was brought up to not judge people.  I was brought up to know that it is bad to judge people on the colour of their skin / religion / gender / age / sexuality / disability / whatever.  I went to school in a very white, Christian area.  But somehow I managed to grow up not prejudiced and/or terrified of 'minority ethnic groups'.

However.  It has now reached the point where I walk on eggshells.  Terrified of inadvertently offending someone by using the non-PC term for something, it's now a situation where all I can focus on is someone's race / religion / gender / age / sexuality / disability etc etc.  Rather than seeing them as an individual, I'm now seeing them as the person in front of whom I cannot use the term 'disability' (it's 'differently abled') / 'woman' or 'man' (it's 'person') / 'deluded cloud-cuckoo land resident' (it's 'socialist').

So well done.  By trying to batter everyone into 'not noticing' difference (what a load of utter nonsense.  I HAVE EYES, DON'T I?  Oops, apologies to any partially sighted people out there. But then you'd better not be noticing what accent people speak with, as that would be bad too...), it has now become the focal point.  But I'm of course not allowed to complain, as it would be my 'privilege talking'.

I would say that it drives me crazy, but that would be offensive to the mentally ill (sorry, I mean 'Daily Mail readers').

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